Business Analysis

Business Analysis ensures reliable requirements gathering and documentation and is key to the success of any project. When considering a project, whether it is a simple brochure website, a full-featured web based Software Development - Business Analysisapplication, or a mobile device application for your company, the first stage of the development cycle is Business Analysis. Our Business Analyst will speak with with you in a series of meetings to determine your requirements, understand your ultimate objectives, and make key planning decisions with you on how to achieve real, bottom line results.

Thorough Business analysis leads to solid dependable requirements gathering and documentation and is key to the success of any project. A BrixTec Web Solutions Business Analyst, through thorough consultation sessions will streamline your website or application to the needs of your key audiences and ensure an intuitive, elegant solution that has the desired impact and maximum longevity. We are focused on the results always and this is best realized through on-going discussion and consultation even after the application or website project is completed.


Business Analysis Key objectives:

  • Decide with you that the solution you request is truly what is needed for your company
  • Determine strong, realistic use cases and predict target audience interaction with the end product
  • Follow tried and true development techniques to realize the objective in the most cost-effective way
  • Design the most elegant and intuitive solution that requires least directions to use effectively
  • Ensure reasonable redundancy to facilitate multiple ways of getting to the same data or tool based on importance
  • Develop a means of re-visiting the solution to ensure that it holds up over time and in the face of new technology


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