We think Green

WeThink GreenAt BrixTec Web Solutions, Tampa, Florida, we think green.  We are not simply in the business of producing quality websites, Mobile Apps, and SEO. We recognize that every action we take during a normal workday can produce an end result that can either help or hurt our planet and immediate community. The concern for the health of the environment is blended throughout our company.

Going green saves money! The use of Energy saving products, thinking before printing, adopting proper garbage disposal and recycling habits to name a few, can cut energy costs by approximately 5-15 percent, and go a long way to doing your part.

Going green is a great thing to do! You can help the environment and save money all at the same time. It may not be easy at first, but installing new energy efficient products, printing only when necessary, and turning off that unused light or electronic device saves money in the long run.

Think of how you will appear to your clients. Image is important and it comes from having a great reputation on matters of importance such as the preservation of our community. If you can present your care of the environment, it will help your clients respect and trust your business.

Start a trend! The more you do as a company in the way of going green, the more your employees will participate. If you lead them they will adopt your beliefs.

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