Our Process

Our process and development methods define us as a company.  The success of any website, web or mobile application project is highly dependent on a proven repeatable process that can be refined and modified to suit the needs of changing requirements, technologies, and programming techniques.  We have practiced and refined our process since 2003.

Proven, Simplified, Repeatable Processes

We offer various development methodologies and development techniques to fulfill the unique needs of each of our clients.  While no two projects are 100% identical, there are tried and true processes that should be followed to ensure success and the complete satisfaction of our clients.

BWS - Project Life Cycle

We first meet with a new client during a discovery and initial Requirements Development session to determine what they really need, practical possibilities, general timeline, and to set general project expectations.

We then develop, together with the client, deeper Requirements and from those, exact or general product and project specifications and by extension firmer expectations which we present with our official proposal.

Should our proposal be accepted, we move directly into Analysis, Team Resource assignment, and Design and Development.  Content and data integration follows after multiple client meetings/approval sessions as required based on the project’s scope.  We then move on to publication and promotion of the finished solution per our client’s timeline and marketing goals.

Clients are offered maintenance post project launch.  Further, should the solution require further refinement as the business evolves, the above cycle is repeated towards that end.

Web solutions are ‘alive’ and should never be stagnant. We believe that a flexible solution directly reflects the business’ success and natural need to grow and evolve.

This process also promotes efficiency, accuracy, and timely delivery of the end product. Our process however, while remaining true to it’s core components, is flexible enough to adapt to the unique needs of each specific project or task allowing us to rapidly overcome challenges and remain focused on the desired outcome.

Our methodologies may vary from traditional fixed cost/fixed time type projects to Agile Development practices using frameworks such as SCRUM. However, we are always guided by our process’ core components that, once followed, guarantee success regardless of the size of the project.

  • Discovery
  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements Gathering & Documentation
  • Design & Development
  • Content and Data Aggregation and Integration
  • Testing & Review
  • Website Publication and Promotion
  • Website and Web Application Updates & Maintenance


Why Choose Us For Your Tampa Website Design, ERP Customization, and Mobile Apps Development?

Our website design, mobile application development, and ERP customization solutions teams thrive on long term BWS - Development Processrelationships and expressed customer satisfaction. We ensure always that each website design, mobile application, and ERP customization solution we recommend and implement is the best fit to realize the highest possible ROI.  We also ensure that the process to get there is both understandable and enjoyable for our clients.

We strongly believe that our website design, ERP solutions, and mobile application development should naturally meet our clients’ visions and end goals. We understand the challenges faced by small and medium businesses as they too strive to grow and find unique niches in the constantly evolving online world.  No amount of “hand-holding” or coaching is too much as we work with our clients overcome these obstacles and pave a clear path to success together. We live partnership!

Contact Us or call (813) 421 9352 for a conversation on how we at BrixTec Web Solutions have streamlined our processes to give you the best experience and results with your project.