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Why is Good Web Design Important?

Many factors contribute to a website’s success, but why is good web design important? A well-designed website will not only attract a larger audience but will also rank higher on search engine results pages. This article will discuss why a good web design is vital to your site’s success and provide tips on how you […]

How Mobile Applications can Improve Your Business

Mobile applications (Apps) have been a necessity amongst large business for the past few years. However, this has changed for the better, and now smaller companies are getting a chance to have their own mobile apps. Not only can these apps help promote the company, but help them profit as well. Below, are 10 reasons […]

How a WordPress Business Website can take you to the next level

Business owners seeking to get their business online or give their existing website a dynamic makeover, should have WordPress at the top of their to-do list. A WordPress Business Website is the ideal blend of intuitive content management and beautiful presentation. It’s no accident that WordPress is used by millions of businesses and entrepreneurs world-wide. […]

Welcome to our new website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website.  We have updated our design and content to provide more information on the services we provide and to allow a more intuitive navigation of our website. While we still provide the high quality services you’ve come to expect from BrixTec Web Solutions in the […]

Why CMS? — Website Content Management Systems

The decision to develop and launch a website should be as important as deciding what products or services you should offer. With so many development companies offering to create the very best website for your business, the decision can be daunting. Even more confusing are the many options available for the types of website you […]

Joomla Experts – Even better with 3.0

We were very excited when we posted Joomla’s upgrade to 2.5 back in March 2012. Yet again, it is no secret that Joomla’s latest update to 3.0 back on September last year was huge for web developers and businesses needing a robust, stable, and competitive web presence. Joomla! has shown a lot of change from […]

Joomla Website Design Experts

Custom website design powered by Joomla has been a main specialty of BrixTec Web Solutions for many years.  Joomla! is a popular, powerful CMS (Content Management System) that allows you the customer to have a website that is highly dynamic, intuitive, and attractive.  In addition, Joomla allows your website to be  Google friendly and easily […]

BrixTec Web Solutions Streamlines Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

BrixTec Web Solutions has recently streamlined its Search Engine Optimization services to offer a comprehensive suite of SEO packages.  Our offerings now include four main packages.  These are: Silver Package Gold Package Platinum Package Platinum Plus Package In addition to the unique benefits of each package, all packages offered by our SEO team include the […]