How Mobile Applications can Improve Your Business

Mobile applications (Apps) have been a necessity amongst large business for the past few years. However, this has changed for the better, and now smaller companies are getting a chance to have their own mobile apps. Not only can these apps help promote the company, but help them profit as well. Below, are 10 reasons you should consider making an app for your business.

Helps You Market Directly
Obviously enough, mobile applications offer customers a variety of information on the business. Creating an app can offer your customers information about your locations, products, services, and staff. This can come in the form of product specifications, news feeds, prices, promotions, etc. With an app, you can help your company market more directly to your target audience, which could put you over your competitors.

Offers More Value to Your Customers
If you have a loyalty program or any customer reward-based program, you should consider making it openly available to use on a mobile app. In fact, transitioning a physical rewards card to a digital one in an app can improve the odds of your customers actually using it.
It’s no surprise that people are growing increasingly tied to their smartphones, so why not offer your customers rewards program or market products straight from the source? Plus, customers are far more interested invaluable services or products that they can view directly from their phones. After all, brick-and-mortar have been doing this tactic for years successfully. So, why can’t you? An app notification can be all your customers need to rush down to your store.

Smartphones are Used More Often Than PCs
In the United States alone, nearly every person spends two hours on their smartphone at the very least. Keeping in mind that there are billions of smartphones in the world, the odds are looking in your favor for mobile app development for your business. Plus, people actually end up spending more time on their phone than their PCs, so if you shift your marketing tactics to target smartphone users, it will pay off.
However, on your app, make sure that your logo, image, and name are all openly visible at all times. Since the average person can unlock their phones and start scrolling through news feeds in a matter of seconds, it’s important that your brand can be recognized easily. Besides that, you should also make your app easy to use, since the average smartphone user ranges from 10 to 70 years old.

Boosts Customer Engagement
It’s important to have a good point of contact for your business so a client can purchase a product or service they’re interested in investing in. If your company cannot easily be reached, you’re at risk of losing valuable customers. An app is the easiest way of forming a point of contact that can run 24/7. You can include a help area in your app where clients can post questions, complaints, comments, and place orders. Plus, if you respond quickly to requests, comments, and questions, your customer engagement will see a drastic boost.

Increase Brand Recognition
No matter if you’re looking to re-brand or improve your current brand, a mobile app is the single-handed best way to increase your company’s brand recognition. When you create a smartphone app for your business, you can attract audiences by integrating easy-to-use, likable features. However, you should always be looking for new ways for your clients to get involved on a regular basis. Generally speaking, the more your customers interact with your app, the more you can sell your product or service.
An advertising rule of thumb called effective frequency states that if your customers don’t see your brand more than 20 times, your company will be unnoticed. Keeping this in mind, make sure that you properly brand your app so your customers know exactly what company they’re buying from in order to effectively increase your brand recognition.

Surge Customer Loyalty
Ideally, you want to have return customers who purchase your products or services again and again. But, how often is that happening right now? By creating an app, you can seriously boost your customer loyalty. This is because it actively reminds your customers who you are and what you do. This is a subtle form of advertising that reaches your clients every time they look at their phone. People are inundated with advertising every day so it is hard to create a real relationship with your customers. With an app, your business is right at their fingertips at all times. This allows you to form a close connection with your customers in a genuine way.

Enhance Your Site
A lot of companies question whether or not they need an app because they have a functional mobile website. You should not think of the app as a copy of your site but rather a tool to enhance it. Websites are designed to attract new business, mobile applications are designed to increase customer loyalty. Your website is a great place to provide information to your clients and post new content. However, your app offers different advantages. It can handle a sufficient two-way communication and customer support. Plus, as mentioned above, it is always at the fingertips of your customers.

Give You a Competitive Edge
If you truly want to stand out from your competitors, your website is very important to your success.  However, you need a mobile app. Since this marketing tool is still relatively new, you can set your business apart by jumping on the trend before it blows up. By the time your competitors realize how important having an app is, you will have already established yourself. It does not matter what industry you work in, having an app will give you more credibility over your peers.

By building an app for your company, you can improve everything from your marketing, communication, customer loyalty, and customer happiness. An app puts your business, products, and services right at the push of a button for all of your customers. Plus, they are fast and easy to use. Why contact BrixTec Web Solutions or request a free quote about an app for your business or new idea?