Joomla Website Design Experts

Custom website design powered by Joomla has been a main specialty of BrixTec Web Solutions for many years.  Joomla! is a popular, powerful CMS (Content Management System) that allows you the customer to have a website that is highly dynamic, intuitive, and attractive.  In addition, Joomla allows your website to be  Google friendly and easily updated, by you or your webmaster without the need for further costly web development services. With all our Joomla developed websites, we offer basic training specific to what you need to know to effectively maintain and update your website.

Joomla is open source and completely secure with the right configuration and implementation carried out by experts such as your BrixTec Web Solutions development team.  There are many third party modules available to select from that will best suit your website needs; from custom data presentation to eCommerce implementations that do not break the bank and requires only a one-time setup.

One very powerful module available to Joomla powered websites is the addition of a mobile website version that allows the proper and simplified presentation of your website on multiple devices such as iPhones, iPads, Androids, and other popular mobile phones and tablets.  This is very important as the mobile market is rapidly becoming a preferred way for busy, working customers to surf the Internet and make quick decisions.

BrixTec Web Solutions have also successfully converted many dated, static, and unattractive websites to modern, dynamic, effective websites powered by Joomla!  We strongly recommend that you do not simply update your company’s website to a new design, but rather take the opportunity to make your website dynamic and prepared for easy future updates and modifications. We can create your Joomla website using a pre-developed template tweaked to match your company and style, or we can create a very custom look-and-feel for you that exactly matches and maintains the consistency of your company’s marketing efforts.

With the release of Joomla 2.5, we at BrixTec Web Solutions have been busy taking advantage of all the useful and exciting features this landmark update has to offer.  This latest update of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) for websites in the world boasts the following among other exciting new features:

  • Easy Website Updates – This simplifies website management and the management of updates for website Administrators.  this major enhancement eliminates the need to manually transfer and replace files on the server, thus converting a time-consuming, error-prone process into a seamless, effective, and time-saving experience.
  • Smart search – This new functionality offers a faster, more user-friendly search experience for your visitors.  It features natural language with auto-completion which allows your visitors to find the relevant content quickly and intuitively.Designed for versatility and speed, this native Joomla! component + plugins set gives you one-click automated indexing of all content items, categories, weblinks, contacts, newsfeeds, etc. It offers a large array of configurable options, including result description length, url length, and date filters.
  • Multi-Database Support – This is a brand new feature that makes it possible to run your Joomla! CMS on many different databases not just MySQL.  This allows different drivers to be written.  already many drivers exists that support MySQL and MS SQL databases, with postgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, and PDO drivers almost ready for integration.

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